MOR Amalfi Travel Case MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 阿瑪菲旅行箱

MOR Cali Hanging Fold-Out Bag MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR Cali 懸掛式折疊包

MOR Belize Overnight Bag MOR  - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 伯利茲旅行包

MOR Florence Pouch MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 佛羅倫斯袋

MOR New York Pencil Case MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 紐約鉛筆盒

MOR Barcelona Train Case MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 巴塞隆納火車案例

MOR Narcissus Triple Milled Soap 150gm MOR - Beauty Affairs 1

MOR 水仙三重研磨皂 150gm

MOR Marshmallow Petals Eau de Parfum 50mL - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 棉花糖花瓣香水 50ml

MOR Narcissuss Moisturising Body Wash 300mL - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 水仙保濕沐浴露 300mL

MOR London Hanging Fold-Out Case - Beauty Affairs1

MOR London 懸掛式折疊箱

MOR Rome Stand-Up Case - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 羅馬立式案例

MOR Marshmallow Deluxe Soy Candle 266g - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 棉花糖豪華大豆蠟燭 266g

MOR Perfume Oil 9ml (Marshmallow) - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 香水油 9ml

MOR Hand Cream (Marshmallow) - Beauty Affairs

MOR 護手霜 50ml

MOR Soapette 60g (Marshmallow) - Beauty Affairs1

MOR 肥皂 60g


Hear from our happy customers

3 Reasons Luxury Beauty Lovers Choose MOR 

Your search for the best luxury beauty brands has led you to MOR. After digging a little deeper into the brand, you’ve discovered just how much luxury beauty enthusiasts swear by MOR products. Intrigued by what makes the brand so highly sought-after in the world of luxury beauty? You’re about to find out in this article. 

To help you pick, here are three reasons why you’ll love MOR: 

#1 Indulge in sophisticated fragrances

Signature scents have a power beyond simply smelling good. They serve as a statement of identity and personal branding that leaves a lasting impression on people you meet. MOR knows this, which is why they have a wide range of irresistible scents that are sure to lead to compliments.

Whether you’re in a business meeting or at a social gathering, a quick spritz is all it takes to refresh your presence and make a lasting impression. Find your signature MOR fragrance at Beauty Affair, making you truly unforgettable for everyone you encounter.

#2 Get the luxury beauty experience at home

Your home is your sanctuary, and with MOR, you can turn it into a place where comfort meets luxury. MOR extends the luxury beauty experience beyond personal care to transform your living space into a haven of relaxation and sophistication. 

Imagine settling into a warm bath, surrounded by the rich scents of MOR’s perfumed luxury candles, or feeling silky smooth thanks to MOR bath essentials. From the MOR soap to the MOR body wash, hand cream, and the rest of the MOR bath collection, you can create a spa-like atmosphere right in your own home. 

The addition of room sprays and diffusers brings this luxurious feel into every corner, making every moment at home an experience in and of itself.

#3 Conveniently bring essentials on the go

Travelling can often mean leaving behind the comfort and luxury of your home beauty routine – not with MOR. Their stylish beauty bags and travel cases are crafted not just for elegance but for practicality, allowing you to organise and protect your beauty essentials on the go. No need to worry about spilling your favourite lotions or perfumes any more.

Whether you’re planning to pack your essentials in your suitcase or your carry-on, you’re sure to find the right one since MOR’s bags come in various sizes and styles, ensuring that there’s one to fit every need and taste. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I choose the right body wash for my skin type?

Choosing the right body wash depends largely on your skin type. 

For dry skin, consider looking for moisturising ingredients in a creamy body wash to help retain moisture without stripping natural oils. Those with oily or acne-prone skin may opt for an oil-free body wash containing ingredients that can help manage oil production and clear pores. 

If you have sensitive skin, it may be helpful to seek out gentle, fragrance-free body washes that avoid harsh chemicals and include soothing ingredients. Meanwhile, people with normal skin have more flexibility, but ideally, it’s best to go for a body wash that maintains a balance between cleansing and moisturising. 

What’s more, at Beauty Affairs, you can get a free skin analysis. It’s a fast way to learn what your skin might need and discover products and ingredients that are suitable for you, whether you’re interested in MOR, Dermalogica, or Foreo.

What makes MOR soy candles unique from others?

MOR luxury candles are made from high-quality soy wax blend that can help ensure a clean, even burn with a typically longer duration than traditional candles. Many of those who have tried MOR products love their candles for their luxurious, lasting fragrances and elegant packaging that enhances the luxury experience. 

Are MOR soap bars worth trying out?

When considering MOR bath products, their collection of soaps promises a luxurious bathing experience with their artisanal formulas, blending high-quality and natural ingredients. Plus, their indulgent fragrances and moisturising properties are designed to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling great. 

If you’re thinking of getting a special gift for a loved one, a MOR soap bar is a great option. 

Delivering luxury beauty to your doorstep

At Beauty Affairs, we believe that self-care is more than simply purchasing skincare and makeup products. We are dedicated to creating experiences that boost confidence and celebrate individuality. Every product in our selection is a step towards fostering a deeper connection with yourself, enabling genuine confidence to shine through.

We handpick the best of the best from luxury beauty brands like Grown Alchemist, Payot, and Juvena. Choosing Beauty Affairs means embracing a holistic approach to beauty that champions sustainability, innovation, and quality. Our team commits to providing helpful information and helping you select products that meet your beauty goals. 

At Beauty Affairs, we make skincare shopping easy and special. We offer free shipping on qualifying orders and give you free samples with every purchase, so you can try new things without worry. Every order comes in luxury branded packaging. With over 1000 five-star reviews, we’re more than just an online beauty store – we’re your partner in achieving your most confident self yet! 

Shop products from top brands like MOR, K18, and more today here at Beauty Affairs!